What to Expect

Your First Visit:

When you first come to our clinic you will spend 90 minutes with Brehan going over your health history and telling your story.  Together the two of you will assess your condition and discuss likely outcomes.  You'll talk about diet, movement patterns, posture and lifestyle choices and you may have a food sensitivity test performed.  Then you'll either receive an acupuncture treatment, an herbal formula or both.  You'll talk about a treatment plan for the future and any questions you have will be answered.  

Follow-up Visits:

When you return to the clinic you'll talk with Brehan about how you felt after your first visit, what you experienced between then and now, and where you'd like to go in the future.  Your herbal formula might be modified, or you might receive a course of regular acupuncture treatments.  Or if you're all better, you'll talk about how to maintain your health for the future.


What will it cost?

Insurance Patients:

If your medical insurance covers acupuncture or if you have been a motor vehicle accident and are seeking treatment for injuries incurred by the accident, there is a good chance we can bill the insurance company directly for services.  Brehan Crawford is an in-network provider for many insurance companies in Oregon.  In these cases your financial responsibility will most likely be either a co-pay or co-insurance percentage amount, or nothing at all.  If you are going to take an herbal formula, the cost of the herbs is not covered by insurance.

If you have questions about your insurance coverage for acupuncture, please call our office or your insurance company.


Self-pay Patients:

We understand that the cost of medical treatments can be daunting and we do our best to keep our prices affordable.  Our fees for service are as follows:

New Patients: $155 for the first visit, plus the cost of your herbal formula if needed.

Follow-up visits: $80 for either acupuncture or an herbal/nutritional consultation, or $115 if both services are performed in the same visit, plus cost of herbal formula if needed.